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Income Tax
G K Sureka & Co. provides Income Tax, Tax assistance, Direct Tax Consultancy, Tax Compliances and Tax Representation services. We advise our clients in effective identification and implementation of tax planning opportunities under the Income-tax law for the establishment and subsequent profitable conduct of business by the Indian companies in different sectors, so as to reduce their income-tax liability. Some of the major tax assistance services available for the clients are:

  • Filing of Income Tax Returns
    We help our clients in comprehensive preparation of the financial reports which ultimately determines the accuracy of the filed income tax returns. We on the behalf of our clients take utmost care in precise preparation of the financial reports which is done in close cooperation with the clients without taking much of their precious time.
  • Bulk Filing of Salaried Returns
    Companies can outsource the bulk filing of the Income tax returns of their employees to us. We ensure the accuracy in preparation and filing the returns of the company so that their employees can concentrate on their respective jobs without wasting time on the Income tax filing issues.
  • E-Filing of Returns/ E-TDS
     E-filing of I-T Return and TDS is now mandatory for Individuals, HUF, corporate Deductors, Government Deductors, Deductor where books of accounts have to be audited u/s 44AB and 206 of the Income Tax Act. We have latest approved software to compute your Income tax returns and TDS and also guide in their e-filing.
  • Appeals
     G K Sureka & Co. helps the aggrieved assesses in raising appeals if they are not satisfied with the results of examination of their tax returns or with other tax adjustments by the Income Tax department. We carefully study the clients concern and if found valid; we appeal before the commissioner after only carefully preparing our case.

Sales Tax/VAT

The VAT/Sales Tax (applicable in states where VAT not applicable) is a comprehensive tax levied by the state governments on the goods manufactured and on rendering of the services.

Fringe Benefit Tax

Fringe Benefit Tax is the tax applied on the fringe benefits provided by the employers. The FBT was abolished in the budget announced on July 6, 2009.

Service Tax

The Service Tax is levied by the union government on the services used by the consumers of the service providers. The present service tax rate is 10.3%, it including 3% education cess.