Registration Of Startups

Are you innovative? Are you smart? Can you differentiate your product/services from others? If your answer to above is Affirmative. Then welcome to the world of start-ups…

Starting a business is the dream of entrepreneurs. This choice itself has long-term implications; that’s why it is essential to discuss a business plan with a team of professionals to take meaningful decisions.

The first and the most crucial step for entrepreneurship is to get your business to introduce to the world legally. Legally here means the formal set of procedures to get your business registered with various authorities.

LKC is an experienced and professional company that offers quality and reliable peer to peer assistance in providing registration services. We assist start-up companies to get registered at various platforms. We stand like a backbone to them and provide them with valuable advice so that they can prosper in their Business. People choose us because our services are provided with extra efforts & transparency. Our platform is advanced that simply speed up the entire process of startup registration in India and makes your life easy.

We also provide – Accounting Services, Business Financial Planning Services & Business Tax Planning Services to Business Setup and Merger & Acquisition.

We also make sure that you get value-added service as well as complete satisfaction. Irrespective of the criticality of your project, we will help you at every step.

Following are the services we offer

1. Registration with start-up India initiative
2. Obtain Director Identification Number (DIN)
3. Obtain Digital Signature Certificate
4. Reserve the company name online
5. Stamp the company documents
6. Get the Certificate of Incorporation
7. Make a seal
8. Obtain a Permanent Account Number (PAN)
9. Register with the Office of Inspector, Shops and Establishment Act (State/Municipal)
10. Register for GST
11. Register with Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (National)
12. Register for Medical Insurance

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