Company Formation In India

G. K Sureka & Co. has got rich experience as business advisors in setting up of business entities. We offer integrated solutions fitting to the scope and objectives of entering the market. We assist their accounts department and consult the management in doing the businesses in a favorable manner.

At G. K Sureka & Co. we offer corporate restructuring and effective short-term and long-term strategy formulation for the companies. Winding up proceedings for the erstwhile companies, trusts & societies in some cases can be more complicated than formation therefore we liaison on behalf of our clients professionally keeping in mind the nature of the problem.

Moreover, we offer solutions regarding income tax, statutory and internal audit and many more services like:

The range of our services in this category includes:

  • Incorporation of companies, trust & societies
  • Winding up proceedings of defunct companies, trusts & societies
  • Incorporation of public & private limited companies, trust and societies
  • Setting up for branch offices
  • Setting up for liaison offices

The range of our services in this category includes:

  • Registration of Trust
  • Registration of Co-operative Societies
  • Registration of Company under Section – 25 of Companies Act, 1956
  • Registration of NGO under Income Tax for Tax exemption u/s 12A
  • Registration of NGO under Income Tax for u/s 80G
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